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    Kunshan Industrial Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

    Industry - ---- the leader of the environmental protection industry to provide customized solutions ...

    Kunshan Gong Tong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is located in Suzhou, Kunshan, China. It has been engaged in environmental protection for twelve years. We only focus on the field of environmental protection and technology, set up the operation and management system of sales, research and development, design, manufacture, installation and after sale. We are committed to the overall solution of waste gas, dust removal and waste water. We only do one thing: R &amp; D, manufacture and installation of the world's first-class environmental protection equipment: waste gas treatment equipment, dust removal equipment, wastewater treatment equipment, and create blue sky, green space, green water. After nearly twenty years of grinding and growth, the industry has been appraised by Suzhou security inspection as the chief benchmarking enterprise for the design, production and installation of the dusting and explosion related facilities. It has been appraised by the Chinese product quality and Technical Supervision Center as the heavy contract. It has been awarded the top ten best brands in the national environmental protection industry, the green environmental protection and energy saving products in China, the famous brand in China, the construction of China's engineering construction. Recommended products, ISO9001:2008 standard quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, People's Republic of China housing and urban and rural construction ministry system: environmental engineering professional contracting three levels, the State Administration of production safety supervision and management: safety production standardization of three grade enterprises (machinery) and other honorary certificates. Today, Gong Tong is proud of China. Tomorrow China will be proud of its industry integrity.

    Industrial and technological enterprises

    The company has an experienced and rigorous professional R & D and production team, including five registered engineers, fifteen senior title engineers, thirty mid-level titles engineers, and more than 200 professional and technical staff. 35 patents have been obtained in the field of exhaust gas and dust removal. Our R & D investment is increasing every year. 10% of the annual sales revenue is R & D expenditure. We are committed to developing high quality, energy saving and environmental protection equipment.

    Industrial integration - the burden of social responsibility

    Everyone is responsible for his country. We are adhering to the restoration of green earth as its own task, building a platform to enable employees to realize their value and serve the society. Our products are exported to overseas, our products are some European and American countries key enterprises in overseas has been recognized and praised, and highlight the China manufacturing begin to display talents. At the same time, 1% of the company's annual sales revenue is used for major disease assistance, community elderly homes, primary education in Flat mountain areas, and natural disaster materials. We will also set up the University of industrial and technological science and technology to make more talented people join in environmental protection and protection for the benefit of mankind.


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