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    Warmly welcome the leaders of the Jiangsu environmental prot...

    In January 22, 2018, Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Association President, Qu Huan Chen Mingsen, Yao teacher teacher to visit the guidance of our work, the oatuu environmental design capability, manufacturing capacity, installed capacity of on-site investigation, highly recognized at the same time, also gives guidance. We have gained a lot, and the follow-up will make more efforts to enhance the strength of the enterprise to highlight China's manufacturing in the international market.

    Part of the machine equipment exhibition, environmental protection equipment 90% parts self production

    Partial qualification certificate

    Part case show

    New continent Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
    Waste gas treatment process: runner +RTO *2 sleeve

    Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. (China)
    VOC treatment in spray chamber: 300000CMH activated carbon adsorption desorption + catalytic combustion (RCO)

    Customer Name: TOYOTA industry
    11 sets of large pulse bag type dust collector, workshop air supply system, washing tower and activated carbon adsorption tower 200KW

    Customer Name: Anqing dibogeci liner Co. Ltd. (China, Japan and the United States joint venture)
    Bag dust collector *25 sleeve

    Customer Name: APPLE foundry (Dongguan) Dongguan Miya
    Explosion-proof wet dust removal

    Service hotline:no record

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